The Minority of Minorities: Being a self-identified “Black Male Gamer”

Being a gamer, for me, is like being black. It’s in my genes, my DNA. Games are one of the things that I can’t imagine living without. Personally, I feel like the term “Gamer” adequately describes me. However what percentage of the population feels like me? More specifically how many people who are black/African American feel as I do?

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Disclaimer: In these studies gaming can be done on multiple platforms, i.e. tablets, consoles, computers and phones.

In a 2015 U.S. study, it was found that 50 percent of men and 48 percent of women play video games. Of these two groups 15 percent of men and 6 percent of women identified themselves as “Gamers“. If broken down into age groups 77 percent of men(18-29) and 57 percent of women(18-29) also play games. However, in this group, 33 percent of men and 9 percent of women identified themselves as “Gamers”.

It appears that there’s a trend among those who game. The younger you are, the more likely you are to play video games and identify yourself as a regular gamer.

I did find it interesting that the study found that Hispanics are more likely to use the term “Gamer” to identify themselves more than whites or blacks. In terms of self identification, 19 percent of Hispanics, 11 percent of black and 9 percent of whites felt that this term accurately explained who they are as a person.

In regards to views on gaming there was a lot of variation in beliefs. At 19 percent, blacks view games as being a good way to promote teamwork and communication while only 10 percent of Hispanics and 8 percent of whites believe this statement.

On the flip side 28 percent of whites believe gaming is a waste of time while 21 percent of Hispanics and 15 percent of blacks agree with this statement.

Among all of this data I was also able to find that, in terms of “If video games painted minorities in a bad light“, 13 percent of blacks said that this was true for most games, 22 percent said true for some but not others, 17 percent said not true for most and 47 percent said not sure. In regards to the last percentage, 50 percent of whites said that they were also unsure if games portrayed minorities negatively.

In the end it seems that being a self identified black gamer is pretty rare. It’s like the minority of minorities if that makes sense.

However, I could care less. Im glad to be an African American gamer and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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