We need more Black Guy’s (and Girls) in our games!

Nowadays video game diversity, in regards to main characters, is still pretty low. Most games released today rarely have a black main character with a fresh new plot or storyline (by fresh I mean detached from your typical typecasts).


I have a challenge for you. Try to name a black video game character thats been a main protagonist in a major game without the negative stereotypes (thief, murderer, etc.) that are associated with that race? If you were able to name a few then you deserve a medal because this task was nearly impossible for yours truly.

Gaming today has come a very long way. We’ve moved from text only applications to technologically advanced consoles that can project gaming titles at resolutions of 1080p and above. However, as a Black Gamer I have began to notice, as I got older, that most main characters don’t really look like me. Or if they did they were portrayed in a stereotypical way.

Now I don’t want to come off as condemning games like GTA VWatch Dogs, or Mafia 3 where the black characters are iconic protagonists. In fact I enjoyed these games and found them to be very interesting. However a break from this typical mold would be refreshing. I mean, the things you are forced to do in these games can be pretty gruesome. Even the descriptions of the stuff that can be donecan make someone who’s a bit squeamish shudder.


But it can’t be ignored that something about being able to commit these atrocities in video games is what makes them so appealing. Most people who play these games have never killed anyone, let alone tried to. Yet being able to murder a fictional character with lifelike realism but without any real repercussions is something that makes these titles so interesting and attractive to such a massive audience.

However, in regards to getting a game with a black main character without the usual labels,  I will remain optimistic. Hopefully in the near future we may possibly see something come out that will use more characters of color in a unique way. But until then we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got.


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